Time Twist

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Johnson was a computer scientist that work at the world’s biggest technology company, he and other computer scientists where creating a Virtual World Operating System that they could use to further the innovation in the use of Personal Computers. Johnson was working on one of the VWOS Prototypes when suddenly a strong electric charge hit him that threw him into the Virtual World. Johnson found himself in this VWOS which was filled with System Antiviruses, they immediately detected him and assumed him as a virus that came from another System to destroy this one. And so Johnson has to run away from them and reach to the exit portal of the VWOS.


In Time Twist you play as Johnson who is running from the Antivirus System and escape the Virtual World Operating System. On the way you must overcome different types of obstacles, you can do that by using your ability to manipulation time and slow down everything around you.

My Input

This project was part of a two week challenge where ever game developer student had to create a First Person game that is not a shooter from scratch using the Unity engine and so I programmed and created all assets for this project.

In-Game Screenshots

Screenshot 2014-07-19 14.39.28Screenshot 2014-07-19 14.43.42Screenshot 2014-07-19 14.40.57Screenshot 2014-07-19 14.43.12



You can download the game from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7g0xqchuz0eod9/Time%20Twist.rar