Hop Hop Away (Level Design)

Hop Hop Away is a puzzle action mobile game about the abused bunnies living in the EVOL circus. Help the bunnies on their journey through 4 different environments as they escape from the EVOL circus and the cruel ringmaster to reach their promised land; The Happy Farm. Players must solve each level’s puzzle to help […]

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Curse of Mermos (3D Modeling)

Curse of Mermos is a free, lighthearted hack and slash game with fast paced action and challenging combat. Players wield the Hammer of Horus or shoot the Crossbow of Neith to defeat hordes of monsters in the tomb of Ebo. The game features unlockable abilities and skill upgrades for personalized combat. Special game modifiers allow […]

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Time Twist (Game Design)

In Time Twist you play as Johnson who is running from the Antivirus System and escape the Virtual World Operating System. On the way you must overcome different types of obstacles, you can do that by using your ability to manipulation time and slow down everything around you. Story Johnson was a computer scientist that work […]

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