Curse of Mermos (3D Modeling)

Curse of Mermos 4

Curse of Mermos is a free, lighthearted hack and slash game with fast paced action and challenging combat. Players wield the Hammer of Horus or shoot the Crossbow of Neith to defeat hordes of monsters in the tomb of Ebo. The game features unlockable abilities and skill upgrades for personalized combat. Special game modifiers allow players to customize each playthrough.


The story revolves around Abdu, an adventurer searching for fame and fortune in the ruins of Ancient Egypt. One of the greatest mysteries still standing is the location of Pharaoh Ebo, once a great ruler of the land. Abdu is on the brink of a great discovery but he will find out that Ebo’s tomb hides more mysteries than he thought.

My Input

In this project we had a team of five game developer students and each of was assign a part of the game. My role was to 3d model and texture most of the assets in the game such as the Character, Enemies and the Environment, bellow you can see the assets I worked on.

3D Models




In-Game Screenshots



On July 23rd 2015 we released the game on Steam after successfully getting it it greenlit on Steam Greenlight.

Curse of Mermos is avalable to download for Free on Steam:

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